31 Jul

Divine masculine energy is the counterpart to the Divine feminine energy. These two energies are present throughout the universe and is also present in everyone of us. Yoga teaches us to nurture abilities and ages in order to attend divinity.

The masculine energy was usually associated with toxic patriarchy and caveman mentality, but in truth can be an embodiment of positive energy.The Divine masculine energy flows through the universe and a symbolic of action and strength.

How can we nurture the Divine masculine in every one of us? 

Here is a list of masculine traits and what we can do to bring out a masculine side:

1. Action oriented 

This energy is action-oriented, seeks out opportunities and takes the initiative. Moving your body, being self-assured, being confident and taking risks can bring out these traits.

2. Assertive

Masculine energy is also about speaking up and advocating for others. Have the courage to speak up and stand by your ideas

3. Disciplined 

Since its energy is focused and determined we can all try not to be sidetracked by distractions. Practicing daily meditation exercise and yoga can help keep mind and body disciplined.

4. Logical

Make decisions based on reason and not emotion.

5. Resilience

The masculine energy is emotionally strong. Try maintain your composure and bounce back after a setback.

There are so many more positive aspects to this caring and protective energy. Let's celebrate both the masculine and feminine within us to create a beautiful Life.

Thilo Naicker

Thilo is a teacher and promotor of culture and arts. She remains as always a student of life.

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