Happy Human Experiences is what life is all about...from employees to customers and all the humans that make up your value chain.

Our Vision
To be a Wevolved global firm offering unique people strategies advancing the way companies engage their people, vendors and customers.

Our Mission
To wevolve the world and create great human experiences by crafting meaningful people initiatives & programs for companies through creativity, imagination & authenticity.

What do we do?
We help businesses create and implement meaningful initiatives that lead to happy human experiences like people programs, customer journeys, employee engagement, career planning, ideation and creativity sessions. 

Why do we do it?
We are passionate about creating, tips, tools, ideas and people strategies that create happy workplaces. We are also super excited about working with businesses to enhance the human experience so that it makes a difference to the employer, employee and the customer.

How do we get it done ?
We have a resident Office Fairy in our think tank... and we have great partners who deliver excellent service.

A message from the CEO:

HR Audits

We conduct full scale HR Audits that include company culture and employee wellbeing. The HR (Human Resource) Audit evaluates the people practices within a company. It examines various aspects of the HR tasks. These can be policies, processes, procedures, documentation, and systems. Our HR Audit also includes people practices, organisational culture and employee wellbeing.

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Creating and Implementing an Organisational Culture

An organization's culture is evidenced in its values, policies, attitudes, structures, and beliefs. It is a tangible asset that impacts morale and company performance, and it can be built, nurtured, and changed. In this course, the organizational culture will be defined.

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Employee Well-Being Programs

For many years we have had evidence that wellness programs in large corporations can be effective, but now we have evidence that any business can also benefit from having a comprehensive wellness program. Wellness is more than being free from illness, it is a dynamic process of change and growth. (W.H.O.)

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Learning Program Development

We develop unique and engaging learning programs and training for specific outcomes: - Graduate Programs - Leadership - Self Development - Diversity & Inclusion

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Change Management Micro-Course - Remote Working

For leaders and remote working teams who want to integrate successfully or improve their remote working HEADSPACE, HEARTSPACE & ENVIRONMENT, this change management programme is a hyper-personalised experience that provides actionable activities and processes that can be implemented immediately. Unlike other training and change management programs, our solution has a once off cost and provides learning on the go in short increments over a set period of time to receive immediate results. contact us to book your session https://www.happyfactory.us/contact

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Career Planning Masterclass

A professional high impact session to help you create a personalized plan designed to meet your goals. This course is going to give you a road map to develop a strategic career plan.

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People Strategy & Organisational Development

Advancing the art of people strategy with a unique consulting experience by crafting meaningful people initiatives & programs for companies through creativity, imagination & authenticity.

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Personal Transformation Program for CEO's

An Involution - A impactful guided self development journey to leading with authenticity, your personal strategy and authority.

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Virtual Team Building

A range of virtual team building options for meeting add-ins or stand alone event options for employee engagement

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Energy Boost for Remote Worker MasterClass

Boost your energy levels with this activity based all in one 2.5 hour virtual Masterclass. Imagine if you could... - Boost your energy levels to when you were a child - let go of your internal Energy Vampires - Raise your energy vibration with your personalized actions

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Happiness Coaching

Personal coaching sessions to get to you your version of happy. Our philosophy and approach to happiness comes from the alignment of mind body spirit together with the science of happiness.

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Business & Career Mentoring

A Mentor offers information, guidance and support to help you run and improve your business or your career: - Reducing the level of risk in making business decisions -Exploring options - Focusing your energy - Making positive progress faster

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  • Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa

This masterclass aims to assist Entrepreneurs (SME or even the Lone Wolf) to identify the key activities that are required for their business to run efficiently, ascertain if there are any skills gaps and then highlight the key activities that can be outsourced. The masterclass will also cover an introduction into building trust within the team by value identification for alignment.

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Learn about a people strategy, what it is and how you can create one yourself.

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 Thank you for lifting our spirits with you face yoga session. We called in Bubbles staff to discus the work plans and residuals and all the staff was very nervous about this meeting. You then zoomed in with your bubbly energy and energetic laugh and together with your face yoga we all relaxed and we could start the meeting with a lighter heart and with a smile on our faces. I would recommend your sessions for any company that needs to build spirit and team building. I can not wait to book our next session with Happy Factory - your company name says it ALL> -- Yolanda Mclean Bubbles Swim School 

Yolanda McleanBubbles Swim School

 To the world, I won a Team building afternoon from Melissa Subban from Happy Factory. We had the most amazing relaxing afternoon and the staff and I realised that it was great to sometimes stop what we are doing and stretch and close our eyes and find ourselves again. Since then we have done it once again. I would recommend Melissa from Happy Factory for your team building. Melissa you are brilliant. 

Nathalie PopeBlanket Biz

Melissa Subban


Melissa Subban is a People Strategist who helps leaders create happy human experiences across a business value cycle.

International Facilitator

Public Speaking

Melissa Offers Talks on a number of topics that range from self development, creative business development, change management, team and employee engagement, creativity and innovation.

For people who want to stay relevant in the world of work and rethink their career plan: This course provides you with an overview of what career planning is, all the steps involved in planning your career and how to go about the process. It also covers some hints, tips and activities in order to begin the process. https://youtu.be/SmgAbJf8rZk

Course Content

The Course includes

1 Sections

1 Lessons

Melissa Subban


I believe in happy human experiences. We all deserve to be happy within the context of everything that we do. I love activating the potential of leadership and human experiences with sharing some of my own trials, successes and life lessons. - Melissa Subban

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Lisanya Pillay

Business Mentor

My ambition is to activate collective consciousness; empower people to realize their full human potential and promote business longevity through a balance of consistency and resilience in as many work places as I possibly can” - Lisanya Pillay

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Yolanda Mclean

SME Mentor

I believe that everyone has the potential to achieve their goals. Failure is part of the process, but its how you push through those icy waters and breathe through the fears that will enable you to sail through the finish line. I help any business owner by sharing my thoughts and experiences through these challenges that we all face. - Yolanda Mclean

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