Thank you for lifting our spirits with you face yoga session. We called in Bubbles staff to discus the work plans and residuals and all the staff was very nervous about this meeting. You then zoomed in with your bubbly energy and energetic laugh and together with your face yoga we all relaxed and we could start the meeting with a lighter heart and with a smile on our faces. I would recommend your sessions for any company that needs to build spirit and team building. I can not wait to book our next session with Happy Factory - your company name says it ALL> -- Yolanda Mclean Bubbles Swim School 

Yolanda Mclean
Yolanda McleanBubbles Swim School

 To the world, I won a Team building afternoon from Melissa Subban from Happy Factory. We had the most amazing relaxing afternoon and the staff and I realised that it was great to sometimes stop what we are doing and stretch and close our eyes and find ourselves again. Since then we have done it once again. I would recommend Melissa from Happy Factory for your team building. Melissa you are brilliant. 

Nathalie Pope
Nathalie PopeBlanket Biz