07 Dec

What is a people strategy? 

A defined People Strategy is an extension of the business strategy. It is a plan to get to the outcomes by way of its people. It can work independently of the business strategy. When done properly it can help the business achieve its goals in a far more agile and cost-effective manner than by using only a business plan. Most often, an effective people strategy will help leaders take the best approach in how teams or departments can collaborate and co-create.

It helps people grow uniquely by human-centered design. 

How does one create it? 

Although culture, ecology and human dynamics are important, the following are some guidelines to follow in creating a people strategy for your team: 

  • Purpose: Understanding the purpose of the organization, and then that of each department/capability is the first step in laying down the foundations for a good people strategy. 
  • Company mission: The mission should include how
  • Business objectives: The business goals for the next year and the measures of success will define the next steps
  • The Organisation design: This is the who does what part and will allow the company to make the most of the people thereby function most effectively
  • Company Culture: The culture is defined by the behaviours of the people and the shared values that they have. This is how we engage with ourselves, our customers and our shareholders
  • Employee Value Proposition: What makes this a great place to work in? it's as simple as that
  • HR practices: This will incorporate the legislative requirements of the country that you are in 
  • Talent Management: Growing your people against their unique requirements is what talent management is about. It involves recruitment, monitoring, supporting, developing, and promoting and falls within the HR practices 
  • Employee Engagement: Communication is imperative in making sure people feel heard, understood and cared for. What and How will you communicate and who will be doing it? 

Happy productive teams

Once the strategy has been created, ensuring that employees are feeling a sense of belonging and finding meaning in their work will create happy effective teams. Implementing regular interventions to check the levels of psychological safety will improve the levels of innovation and autonomy in the teams. Implementation is, of course, the proof in the pudding. a great way to make sure it gets the attention it deserves is to build it into the capabilities of the Organisation or to outsource some of the components and tracking. If you would like to discuss how we can facilitate the development of your People Strategy, or wish to find out more about our services, contact info@happyfactory.us

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