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We are excited to announce an upcoming art exhibition celebrating the divine masculine. Divine Masculine is right here, right now, inside each and every one of us. It is paradoxically found both in our absolute ordinariness and in our utter extraordinariness. Across cultures and eras it is universally known to manifest in our intellect, thinking, expressing and transmitting. The Primal masculine creative force within our universe is seen as the seed to creativity. What does it mean for you? Join us as our exhibiting artists share their contemplations on the divine masculine and how it shows up in our human experience.

  • Date: 2023/06/24 09:00 AM - 2023/06/24 03:00 PM
  • Location 16 School Street, Johannesburg North, Randburg, South Africa (Map)
  • More Info: The Mystic Tree


The divine masculine represents a spiritual, non-gendered concept of masculinity that is associated with qualities such as courage, strength, wisdom, and integrity. 

It is a positive and empowering force that supports the development of individuals and communities.

This exhibition aims to explore and honor the many facets of the divine masculine, including its traditional archetypes and its contemporary expressions. 

We have obtained submissions from artists of all backgrounds and mediums who are inspired by this concept and who wish to share their unique perspective on the divine masculine.

So if you are a lover of art, spirituality or just have a curiosity or passion for exploring the divine masculine, we encourage you to visit us on the day. 

Together, let us celebrate and honor the many facets of masculinity through art.

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