31 Jul

When I think primal, I think ‘raw, uncut, untouched, uncivilized’….When I think masculine, I think, ‘biceps, cavemen, bearded-chiseled faces and power tools!’

As a modern woman reaching beyond the challenges, to free feminism in my mind, from the shackles of primal expectation, I cannot fathom how or where this divine masculinity would feature? And more so, as a “seed unleashing my creative side”? …Definitely a wonder worth the ponder…Perhaps it’s the key to the shackles that locks those primal expectations in MY mind?… Perhaps it’s the opening of the lens, broadening the perspective, changing the focus: I am not the ENTIRE system, I am part of a system, part of a team. Where letting go of those expectations is key for smooth operations and functionality. 

Hmmm… could it be that primal masculinity means freeing myself from the primal feminine expectations that consume me? This is exciting, a new found freedom? The very same freedom I found myself seeking from the primal man? What’s happening? My head is spinning. 

This is new to the traditionally indoctrinated mind, no matter how modern, or evolved I might have been fooled to think I was. Perhaps it’s the Yin and Yang that can finally entwine themselves in a harmonious embrace after the worldwind of mind games, the rollercoaster of hurt and healing…To freely and gracefully dance to the melody of divinity, calmly and lovingly in each others’ embrace. 

I’m smiling, my head is still spinning. But it’s different. I’m giddy from this revelation, this freedom. There’s something else…. It’s love. It’s hope.


Kumesha is is a doctor and general all round inspiring human that is inspired by others.

"trust in the possibly of new beginnings... with possibility comes hope."

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