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The Divine Feminine Art Expo is a unique ONE DAY ONLY public art exhibition, which will be held at The Mystic Tree on the 11 March 2023. An spiritual collaboration between female artists, classical dancers and sound journey facilitators that will use the exhibition to showcase their interpretation of the manifestation of feminine energy in the universe.

  • Date: 2023/03/11 10:00 AM - 2023/03/11 04:30 PM
  • Location 16 School Street, Johannesburg North, Randburg, South Africa (Map)
  • More Info: The Mystic Tree


Join a unique collaboration exploring the manifestation of feminine energy in the universe through art, dance, and sound. This spiritual exhibition showcases the divine feminine as a sacred power source connecting us all, and integral for the collective to pursue its evolution in the cosmos.

Artists have contributed their interpretation of the divine feminine and shared their vision with the world, whether through painting, sculpture, performance art, or any other medium. 

Together, we can create a powerful and transformative experience by experiencing the work showcased and the beauty and strength of the divine feminine through a fusion of art, dance, and sound.

Join us in this sacred journey and book your tickets to the event by emailing

Tickets are free and we encourage a contribution to the venue and organisers for their service and support. 

Please note that this is not a competition, but rather a public platform where emerging and established artists can exhibit and sell their artwork and witness public engagement on a unique level.