Melissa Subban

I believe in happy human experiences. We all deserve to be happy within the context of everything that we do. I love activating the potential of leadership and human experiences with sharing some of my own trials, successes and life lessons. - Melissa Subban

Melissa is a people strategist and change manager who's experience lies in 15 years in the corporate world as well as 3 in the SMME environment. 

She is the founder of 2 start-ups and involved in many international programs. She runs 3 Meetup groups and is an advocate of mind-body-spirit. 

She provides mentoring on Business Modelling, Startups, Selecting a business, Career Planning, People Practices and Change Management. 

If you need a mentor that likes to ideate and use her creativity in engagement then drop us a message to secure your booking. 

Cost: R1000 ph.