08 Jun

A passionate, creative and empathic person who loves connection, learning, analysing and getting things done. Former High School Educator, Training and Recruitment Manager, Presenter and Senior Specialist Consultant at a fintech company. 

Currently focused on Call To Self (my brand) that offers self-development through transformational coaching, Emotional Intelligence programme (for corporate) and plant medicine one-on-one sessions and group workshops. 

Excited about training, presenting, facilitating, counselling, coaching and aimed at empowering others. My creative hobbies and activities include painting and singing. Self- development and creativity is a priority for me. 

Artists Statement

I paint when I feel inspired to and not commissioned to. 

I want art to come from my soul, emotions and projections; that I may leave a piece of myself for the eyes of those who can see. And for the depth of those who feel resonance of some truth within them. 

Nature continues to inspire me with its simple existence, that continues no matter what happens around it. Spirituality and shamanism also inspires me with its many perspectives and essences of truth.

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