22 Jun

Welcome to a transformative Experience that celebrates the essence of the Divine Masculine and how it shows up in the world today. 

This event is one of two that was born out of a dream. The first explored the essence of the Divine Feminine in the world and was open to all South African Artists. 

I envisioned a one-of-a-kind event that seeks to ignite conversations, challenge perceptions, and inspire personal growth for all who participate. I also wanted to create a creative sanctuary where humans can present their creativity to move humanity in ways that only art can. After a synchronous success of the first event, i was drawn to creating an even bigger ecosystem of value exchange in a world where materiality seems like it needs an evolution. 

The call for artist participation was made and those who felt drawn to the experience heeded. The event is free for artists to submit and also free for any soul that wants to experience the event. All art is for sale and a small percentage of any sale made goes to the venue for placing their faith in this ecosystem being created. People who offer services other than art, sponsor their skills and or time towards the event and some sponsor items for the opening. 

"When we create flow in our value exchanges we create prosperity for all" Melissa Subban

So join us on a captivating journey, where brush strokes and sculptures become gateways to introspection, connection, and the exploration of the multifaceted nature of masculinity. 

As you move through the exhibit and are moved by any piece, i invite you to experience an energy exchange with the artist, be it purchasing some work, providing a compliment or sending out some good vibes or gratitude to the person that moved you. After all... any change we want to have in our experience starts from within.

Discover an extraordinary blend of traditional and contemporary expressions, ranging from evocative paintings to awe-inspiring performances and innovative installations. Each piece has been carefully selected to reflect the many facets of masculinity - its strength, vulnerability, sensitivity, and ability to transcend societal norms. 

This program serves as your guide to this remarkable exhibition, offering a curated path through the labyrinth of artistic expressions. Engage in deep introspection as you contemplate the intricate brush strokes and captivating forms, allowing the artwork to evoke emotions, spark conversations, and awaken your own understanding of the Divine Masculine. 

Immerse yourself in the stories behind each artwork, as we dive into the narratives of artists who have channeled their vision to explore masculinity in unique and thought-provoking ways. Gain insights into their creative process, the inspirations that fueled their work, and the messages they seek to convey. 

This exhibition is more than a mere display of art; it is a transformative experience designed to expand perceptions, challenge stereotypes, and foster a greater understanding of the rich tapestry of masculinity. 

Engage in interactive discussions, connect with fellow art enthusiasts, and join us on a journey of exploration and self-discovery. Whether you are an artist, an admirer of art, or simply curious about the profound concept of the Divine Masculine, this event invites you to embrace the transformative power of artistic expression. 

Open your heart and mind as you delve into the depths of the Divine Masculine and uncover the universal energy that resides within each of us. Together, let us celebrate the beauty, complexity, and endless possibilities of masculinity through the lens of art. Step into this immersive experience, where brush strokes become whispers and sculptures tell stories, and allow the Divine Masculine to ignite your soul.

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