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Sindi is a multi-talented individual, serving as a Yoga Therapist, Intuitive Art facilitator, Reiki Master, Oracle Card reader, mixed media artist, and translator. With over 20 years of experience, she is certified in teaching both kids and adults yoga, incorporating art into her teachings. Sindi holds a bachelor's degree in Fine Arts and Art Education and she also finds joy in gardening. 

As quoted by Anni Albers, "Art is something that makes you breathe with a different kind of happiness." 

Sindi's lifelong passion and talent lie in guiding children and adults to discover their inherent potential and talents through the practice of yoga, meditation, and creative art. Her extensive travels, volunteer work, yoga training, and participation in various courses have profoundly impacted and transformed her life. This ongoing journey of learning and life experiences has enriched her teaching methods, allowing her to integrate Eastern and Western approaches in the healing processes of herself and others. 

Sindi believes that life itself is a form of art, and every moment presents a blank canvas for creative expression. Currently, she teaches Hatha yoga, Yoga & Intuitive Art, art classes for adults, Kids' Yoga & Art for children, as well as Family Yoga and Art sessions for families. 

Artist Statement 

Let us embrace the harmonious duality of yin and yang in our physical bodies, families, societies, and the world.

 Living in South Africa, the vibrant Ndebele art captivates Sindi’s attention and also serves as a reminder of her cherished Taiwanese and Hakka heritage. These artworks reflect her respect for diverse cultures and her desire for unity and harmony among individuals, families, societies, and the world. Why choose a round canvas? In Taiwanese culture, the circle symbolizes fulfillment, unity, oneness, and perfection. In Inca culture, gold was believed to be the sacred sun's sweat (Inti) and represents masculinity, while silver was believed to be the tears of the moon (Mama Quilla) and represents femininity. 


The feminine is harmoniously embraced by the masculine represented by gold, the sun, and Inti. In this balance, women can fully express their femininity while also embracing their masculine qualities. They can bloom with resilience and perseverance, akin to plum blossoms thriving in the harsh winter of the South. In the South, fire is the elemental symbol. Courageously cleanse and purify old toxic beliefs about females and oneself that have been ingrained by culture, society, and family. Transform and renew through the purifying power of fire. The plum blossom holds deep significance in Taiwanese culture as a symbol of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity, blooming vibrantly amidst harsh winter conditions. 


The masculine is harmoniously embraced by the feminine represented by silver, the moon, and Mama Quilla. In this balance, men can fully express their masculinity while embracing their feminine qualities. They can grow independently and powerfully, much like pine trees flourishing in the East. In the East, water is the elemental symbol. Allow the cleansing waters to wash away old and toxic beliefs about males and oneself that have been shaped by culture, society, and family. Find balance through this process. The pine tree holds symbolic value in Taiwanese culture, representing longevity, virtue, and solitude. It is also associated with masculinity and power. 


May the radiant golden and colorful light, along with the merits of sutra-coping, heal and nourish us, reminding us of our inherent wholeness and divinity. 


Many moons ago, a lady observed my painting and suggested that I was capturing someone's spirit guide. Could he be your spirit guide?

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