12 Jun

Hello, I am Tam, a seasoned journalist and communications professional. With a passion for writing and art, I have dedicated myself to making a life out of creating stories for businesses, individuals and organisations.

I have always been fascinated by human behaviour and spend countless hours honing my skills and knowledge in the field of generational studies. So much so, that I am currently doing my PhD in Strategic Communication with great focus on generational research. To this, I recently founded and opened my own communications consultancy – Mlk Communications. 

The foundation of the business is to tell stories deeply connect with life, and create impactful content. In addition to my professional pursuits, I place a strong focus on personal growth, creativity and continuous learning. I find that delving into the likes of yoga and spiritual searching has been a great source of relaxation and calm in a busy world. I place a huge focus on my physical well-being, too, and spend much time on fitness and health. These things allow me to recharge and bring fresh perspectives to my work. 

I am driven by desire to make a meaningful impact in whatever way I can and bring positivity to a world that is not always easy!

In the realm of poetic expression, my intention is to delve into the profound essence of the Divine Masculine energy and its relevance to the world as it is now. Through a tapestry of depth, metaphors and symbolism, I aimed to capture the multifaceted nature of this energy and its interaction with challenges faced in South Africa. Within the lines of the poem, I painted a written portrait of the Divine Masculine as a powerful force that transcends conventional notions of strength and power. It is not limited to physical prowess but encompasses compassion, wisdom, resilience and the ability to embrace vulnerability. This energy stands as a guiding light amidst turmoil. I have used metaphors to evoke imagery that would resonate with South Africans, invoking the image of a warrior, a mountain and a phoenix rising from the ashes. This represents the Divine Masculine’s strength, rootedness in the earth and capacity for transformation. Ultimately, this is a plea for the awakening and manifestation of the Divine Masculine energy, bringing about healing and transformation in a world that needs unity and restoration.

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